You Know You’re in Public Relations When…

Jun 11, 2015 | Public Relations

When it comes to getting clients front-page news coverage or increasing awareness for their services and programs, it’s fair to say that Gavin has an outstanding group of individuals on the public relations team.

How can we spot one of our own?

Well, you know you’re in public relations when…

  • You answer every phone call. Unknown number? Swipe right on your iPhone and get ready to say hello. GPeep Sarah says, “I can’t tell you how many times my bank has cornered me into conversations about investing because of this. But you can’t not answer — it could be a media call.”
  • Because of this, you enter every phone number you come across through pitching or media relations into your cellphone. Better to be prepared than to miss a relevant media inquiry. Your phone is always charged and always within reach.
  • You’ve got a whole slew of Google alerts. Some are helpful; others are not. Others begin as helpful, but then you’re left wondering what “bread” relates to when it pops up out of nowhere.
  • You’ve set your alarm for 2:45 a.m. to be on site for a client segment on a morning show. It’s disorienting to wake up in absolute darkness, but you’ve identified every café within a 15-mile radius, so you know just where to caffeinate.