York County Industrial Redevelopment Authority

The Gavin team crafted strategic messaging for downtown York’s largest historic project to ensure transparency and ongoing communication with stakeholders, influencers and the general public. All in an effort to lay the groundwork for forthcoming information on an unconventional purchase of a hotel by a public authority, historic renovation and major redevelopment funding efforts.

Gavin’s team organized communications on the Yorktowne Hotel’s official closing, messaging with all audiences, including brides, vendors and the media. Upon the closing, Gavin advised on strategic social media content to navigate potential negative press and community reactions. Among the communications efforts were local town halls, charrettes, Facebook Live events, press conferences, and an aggressive public relations effort, inclusive of expansive op eds and byline submissions.

What We Did:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Issues Management
  • Media Training
  • Media Gatekeeping
  • Social Media Management and Monitoring
  • Strategic Advising and Consulting
  • Pitching and Coordination
  • Media Placements
  • Ghostwriting
  • Onsite Spokesperson
  • Press Conference Management
  • Design and Creative services

What the Client said:

“Faced with a complex redevelopment project, we knew that the road ahead required the experience of a senior communications professional. Mandy and her team took on our public relations project with great attention and accessibility. They were responsive and thoughtful at every turn – navigating challenging situations and community partners to ensure a message was strategically crafted to support the long-term goal by gaining influence, buy-in and vocal support. We’d recommend them, and have recommended them, to our partners to assist with expanded public relations.”

Jack Kay – Chairman, Industrial Development Authority and President of Susquehanna Real Estate

What We Did:

33 media hits in the first 90 days. Gavin successfully navigated complicated messaging to mitigate immediate negative reactions in a manner that persuaded market influencers to support the project publicly. By managing the story of the Yorktowne project and implementing a communications plan that built goodwill for the new Authority owners, the community, and media, came out in support of the changes to the hotel.

With a scheduled reopening in late 2019, Gavin helped to ensure the hotel property was viewed as a community asset worthy of use of public dollars, and that the development process remained transparent.


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Gavin continues to advise the client on ongoing strategy and media relations, including providing creative services after its recent receipt of the Hilton flag to the hotel.

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