What Does Your Brand’s Logo Say About You?

Apr 23, 2014 | B2B, Branding, Digital, Web Services

Orange (Pantone 166 C, to be exact) – that’s our choice.

In designing a company logo, colors are more important than you might think. Can you imagine McDonald’s with green arches instead of golden?  Colors reinforce your brand and influence how customers perceive your company.

Different colors have specific associations and feelings linked with them. Blue, associated with the depth and stability, embodies comfort and trust. Purple, associated with the luxury of royalty, gives feelings of glamour, power and romance.

Orange, our favorite here at Gavin Advertising, evokes feelings of enthusiasm, creativity, determination and the stimulation of mental activity – all high priorities for our G-Peeps.

The color (or colors) a company chooses need to represent the company’s values and send the right message to customers.  A logo isn’t a brand itself, but it reinforces a brand through familiarity and recognition. Recognize any of these?

A University of Amsterdam study concluded that humans begin to understand that a logo represents a specific product between 3 and 5 years old. By the age of 8, we can consistently recall the product a specific logo stands for.

At Gavin, we look to brand our company as an enthusiastic, creative advertising, marketing and public relation agency – the big, orange “g” on the door supports that brand identity. (As does, of course, our online portfolio of branding work we’ve spearheaded on behalf of clients.)

We’ve branded our office in the same colors to stimulate mental creativity and inspired from the inside — and in doing so, gained recognition from IKEA.

What’s your color choice?