Website Redesign with Your Client in Mind

Oct 9, 2017 | Web Services

The self storage industry is all about convenience. Usually, when someone needs self storage it is during a difficult transition in life: a divorce, a death, a relocation. Keeping this in mind, Moove In Self Storage sought a website redesign that made the customer’s journey as smooth as possible.

Offline, the company already had a reputation for incredible customer service. The Moove In team wanted to improve their online presence, ensuring the same great customer experience received was evident online as well.

Gavin was already helping Moove In with local SEO and PPC advertising when Moove In approached the agency to design a user-friendly website, so we knew their story and we had received their world-class customer service in exchanges with the client.

When re-envisioning the Moove In site, we knew we wanted to simplify the customer journey. We eliminated unnecessary noise from the homepage by reducing the menu and featuring a storage locator front and center, which allows the user to begin immediately searching for the closest store available.

One goal of ours was keeping the site cost-effective for Moove In, so we reused assets the client already had available. We migrated the rental and payment system from the previous site to the new one, but reduced the amount of clicks the user needed to get there.

Moove In had already created professional video tours of each facility, but on the original site these were hidden and hard to find. In the redesign, we moved these into primary feature spaces on each location’s page.

Finally, we knew we wanted to build on Moove In’s greatest asset: Its stellar reputation. We chose strategic areas of the website to feature the company’s client testimonials, driving key points related to convenience and customer service.

To enhance the customer’s journey and make their experience even easier, Moove In also wanted to add new tools such as a storage calculator and a store locator. Additionally, we made use of the full screen, opening up the space to create a clean, streamlined look.

As with all of our sites, Gavin ensured that the website launched with SEO in mind and followed ADA web compliance guidelines.

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