Top five 2022 digital marketing strategies you need to know

Jan 6, 2022 | Digital

Learn how our team can help your organization leverage latest trends

A new year means new opportunities to evolve your influence. At Gavin, 2022 means bigger, brighter and bolder ideas with fresher innovations and marketing strategies to meet our clients’ needs and goals.

With 2022 being another year of adaptability in an ever-changing market, organizations must stay ahead of emerging themes, tools and technologies. Marketing is evolving, and so is our team. We strive to create a synergy across departments – general services, digital, creative, and public relations – to improve your organization’s day-to-day branding and communications efforts.

Here are five trends Gavin’s team of strategists have identified for this year:

1. Digital marketing – primed for the future

Digital marketing is expected to become even more critical compared to years past. After Google announced the death of third-party cookies, which are created and placed by websites other than the website you’re visiting at the time, digital marketers will now have the opportunity to offer a more sustainable and transparent exchange of information with privacy at its core.

In addition, virtual events are expected to increase in demand after skyrocketing during the start of the pandemic. According to a global survey by Kaltura, there was a 93% increase of virtual events during COVID-19. In addition, attendees were pleased – 73% indicated they were satisfied with the experience.

If your digital marketing plan includes events, take the virtual route. In 2022, 94% of companies are expected to host virtual events. For example, Gavin recently produced, “Anyone is at Risk on World AIDS Day,” a panel discussion and community Q&A livestream, for the Family Health Council of Central PA’s Take Control HIV campaign.

2. Immersive video – here to stay

Apps like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok will continue to dominate how users consume virtual content. One thing they all have in common? Video. Cisco reports 82% of online content will consist of videos by 2022. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said the platform is embracing the explosion of video, so it is improving how users create and share content.

Facebook Live and videos have been gaining momentum, and this year, it should continue stronger than ever. Facebook videos get 135% more organic reach than images, and with the rise of live engagement, organizations can now reach broader audiences while remaining cost conscious. Facebook Live has a 178% higher engagement than average post engagement.

The term “TikTok” had a 61% increase in mentions during the beginning of 2021 and was the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion global downloads. This platform offers unique, engaging and interactive video content to capture younger audiences through its brand identity, making it a go-to social media channel.

Take a peek at Gavin’s Instagram page. A least once a month Gavin shows its creative side through short interactive videos.

3. Versatile shape-shifting logo designs

With the rise of the digital usage types on social media and websites, organizations have to ensure their presence is acknowledged and recognized, wherever they may be. But what does this mean? Logo designs must match the medium or channel where they are presented. You may want to consider logo size, complexity, occasion, or color. You can also create different logo variations, like a master logo for a website and a simpler icon for your Instagram account.

For instance, Gavin repurposed its in-house logo to match its 10th-anniversary theme, which is currently displayed as a profile picture on its social media accounts.

4. Accessibility and website ADA compliance

In this digital world, accessibility compliance isn’t optional. Ensuring your website is ADA compliant should be a top priority going into 2022. In the U.S., 26% of adults have some type of disability, so there’s a clear need and demand for greater accessibility. Organizations must be proactive and diligent in digital accessibility to prevent law infringement and lack of credibility by employees and consumers.

5. Traditional marketing is evolving

Traditional marketing isn’t what it used to be. Today, it’s not just about encouraging consumers to buy a product or service. Instead, it’s about reaching diverse individuals with different backgrounds, expertise and experiences, with the goal to educate and work closely with them through integrated tactics and campaigns.

Here at Gavin, we foster a variety of talented and creative professionals ready to help you succeed in 2022.

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