Toddlers in Advertising

Sep 16, 2013 | Branding

Here we are. The two-year anniversary of being devoted to truth in branding and driving action. It’s been a whirlwind as we’ve worked hard to be the “we can’t live without ‘em agency.” We’re thrilled to be celebrating with an impressive roster of clients, portfolio of work and an amazing team that has nearly doubled in size since having celebrated our first 12 months in business.

Our first year was all about sacrifice and focus. Year two was about focus, more focus and building a house of talent. I’m a big believer that we are only as good as we hire. And I’m proud to say that we’ve continued to attract the best of the best talent. Our work and our reputation, in just two short years, are hard-earned proof.

We’ve continued to empower our team by focusing on our culture and what we value. If you work with us, or just follow us on one of our many social profiles, you may have noticed what it’s like to be a “G-Peep”—how we affectingly refer to the life of a Gavin staffer. As communications professionals, we value the importance of clarity and message. We preach daily to our clients on consistency of voice, values and purpose. What are you saying? How does this affect behavior and outcomes?

The Gavin culture is based on five basic core values:

  1. We culture
  2. Solve the problem first
  3. Advise without fear
  4. No clutter
  5. House of talent

We’ve also continued to hone our approach, especially as we grow so that we can spot fresh talent, and even great clients, that are a fit for us. There’s no faking it here at Gavin. And the foundations of our approach ensure we never lose our way.

  • Always ask why
  • Substance behind the pretty
  • Witty, not gimmicky
  • Thinking creative
  • Honest relationships

Why am I telling you about all of this? Because my gut says we’re going to grow in more ways than one, and I’m focused on continuing to do innovative advertising, marketing and public relations, no matter our size or the size of our clients. Exciting, persuasive, action-driving work is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Rise and shine, folks. This will be our last year as a toddler. Watch out.