Think Outside the Brochure: Unique Printing Ideas

May 30, 2018 | B2B, Branding

Design influences a consumer’s perception of your brand. In an era where everything is becoming digitized and exclusively mobile-friendly, high-quality print marketing is reclaiming its seat at the table.

Regardless of the medium – digital or print – at Gavin we focus on strong aesthetic designs for ourselves and our clients.

With so many digital ad campaigns being pumped out into the world daily, brands are resorting back to traditional forms of print marketing. Gone are the days of stale company brochures and event flyers. Here are some ways to cut through the digital noise by utilizing print.

Direct mailers that won’t get thrown away

Created in the 1800s, offset printing grew to become one of the most commonly used printing techniques for commercial products like newspapers, stationery, magazines or books. Modern offset printing is perfect for projects that require customization. Specialty inks and papers can put you over the edge in ways that standard digital printing might not.

Print with the least amount of maintenance. Offset printing utilizes aluminum plates to transfer an image on a sheet of rubber, which is then rolled directly onto the paper.

Use offset printing to wow potential clients with customized, luxurious and special materials they can literally feel, not just see or click. Print collateral like this makes consumers feel important and can draw them into your brand in ways general email and display ads might not.

Big ideas making big sales

Whether you’re interested in getting people in the door for a special sale or are using a moment-in-time (e.g. national game-day) to drive sales, printed promotional materials don’t have to mean standard print-outs on paper.

Be bold by utilizing different shapes, equipment, imagery, and colors to draw potential clients or customers into your event or sale.

Brand overviews that “wow”

Your brand overview helps to tell the story of your company’s vision and values. In a world full of brands vying for the same attention from the same clients, you must be distinctive and bold.

Highlighting your core services/products, company background and expertise can be done in a “show, don’t tell” fashion. Utilizing creative printing, imagery and design methods can entice your audience to learn more about your brand.

Like what you see? Interested in hitting a refresh on any (or all) of your own branded print material? We’ve got you covered.