The Important Things

Jan 25, 2012 | Agency Updates

Here at Gavin, we ask our outgoing interns to write a letter to their successors on their final day. It’s a way for them to pass the torch and share their newly gained wisdom, and a way for us to see what our interns are really taking from their experience here.

After sending off our latest intern, Kutztown University student, Ashley, with a happy hour at Mudhook Brewing Company, we took a peek at her letter and wanted to share a snippet that made us particularly proud:

I have also learned the importance of supporting small businesses. A block away from the office is Central Market, a great place to go support small businesses. In today’s economy, supporting small businesses allow people to keep jobs and make new ones. These businesses are what make the city of York unique. Be sure to stop over there. Roburrito’s and the pretzel stand are a few of my favorites.

While we love introducing our interns to a professional work environment and helping them to grow their portfolio and experience, it made us especially happy to see that our love for Downtown York and our motto of “living locally” had rubbed off on her as well. It also reaffirmed that we made a great choice in our going away gift: an #iloveyorkcity hoodie!

Thanks, Ashley! Come back and visit us (and Central Market) soon!