Web Design: The Importance of Iconography

Aug 11, 2020 | Web Services

Now more than ever we place a high level of importance on getting users the information they need as quick and effortless as possible. As users, we are highly visual and rely on good imagery to compliment the information we’re digesting to keep us engaged and on the page. This is where the use of icons comes into play.

We’ve been trained to associate symbols with actions long before the days of the Internet and modern web design. If we want to get really historic, just think about how the Ancient Egyptians used to communicate through hieroglyphics.

In today’s modern age, we still associate symbols with everyday tasks such as when to cross the street, or if a business is open or closed, and use them as part of our daily routines. We’re already practicing using icons as navigational tools and way-finders, so why not implement this into web design?