The Content Formula

Feb 20, 2021 | Digital

How much time do we spend trying to come up with the most clever, entertaining, and engaging posts and content for our personal and/or business’s social media channels? This can be one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks at times. You usually just end up staring into space and before you know it an hour goes by with nothing to show for it. Well, there may be a trick. Instead of attempting to come up with the end product (the post) right off the bat, try following a simple formula from the beginning that will, if done correctly, make that elusive creative and engaging post inevitable.

Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired = Innovative Content

Take a second to really think about this formula. Yes, we know that back in fourth grade you never thought you were going to use math again, but this time, it will get results. In this multiplication problem, there are three content multipliers:  Useful, Enjoyable and Inspired. Notice that this is not an addition problem. The multiplication signs are essential because if the value of any of the three variables is zero, the end product becomes zero and the formula becomes meaningless. By paying attention to each of the three products separately, the content that is generated as a result becomes effortless, and more importantly, effective.

But what do each of these products really mean?

Useful.  The content that you struggle with so hard to create must help or benefit the consumer in some way. Whether it provides a service, provides information, or simply aids them in making a decision, the content should work to make any consumer’s life easier.

Enjoyable.  Why so serious? Don’t be afraid to have some fun! The content that you create should be content that people will like. Shy away from robotic marketing jargon and formal language, your consumers are already aware that you know that stuff. This content should be humanized, humorous and universal. Don’t you want people to share this stuff?

Inspired.  Own your brand. Know your consumers. Your content should resemble and relate to your target audience(s). Those are the people you are speaking to after all. This is your opportunity to be unique, interesting, and just to be “you.” Think outside of the box, take a risk, break the mold and share your brand’s point of view. Brands that blend in are brands that are forgotten.

Just when you thought you would never use math again, it is now essential for your brand and its ability to create meaningful content and build or maintain consumer relationships. Take that idea, pick it apart, and piece it together. You may be surprised at what you can do. Don’t just create—innovate.

*Calculator not included