The Buzz Before the Buzz

Jul 29, 2020 | Digital

J. Crew’s fans can now catch a style guide sneak peek before it hits stands in the September issue via their Pinterest page.

This trendsetting exclusive content comes from a clothing apparel company that, until a year ago, didn’t have a social media division, let alone a Pinterest account.

Famous fashion innovator, Oscar de la Renta, recently took to social media to debut his products by premiering a new fall line on Instagram, allowing fans an up close and personal preview of what’s to come. Chinese Laundry, a shoe line inspired by creator, Kristin Cavallari, also just launched designs on social media, asking fans to Tweet questions about specific products and have them answered by Cavallari in a 15-second Instagram video.

The fashion world isn’t the only industry taking advantage of this trend. We’ve noticed more brands debuting their print and TV advertisements on Facebook and YouTube to attract instant virality and encourage sharing.

As professional marketers, and social media obsessors, we love this new trend of instant, real-time advertising.

When is the last time you went an entire day without checking the latest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Yeah, we can’t remember either. As a society, we are much more “dialed in” than we were even five years ago. The idea of moving advertising and marketing to a more social platform is captivating and provides instant engagement and virality with audiences—a powerful tool for marketers.

Fashion or not, we dig the new trends of logging in and catching the latest. We’ve even started Instagramming and Pinning at Gavin to showcase company culture and “behind the scenes” activity.

So what do you think: are we seeing a new beginning for advertising and marketing, or is this a movement sure to fizzle out faster than pajama jeans?