Social Media Marketing 101: How to Gain (and Keep) Social Media Followers

Nov 16, 2018 | Digital

Do you speak “social media?” Hashtag, team follow back, like for like…

These social media terms might sound like a foreign language when used offline. Becoming a master of the new age speak can be a difficult task, but with enough guidance, businesses can rock social media marketing to further their goals and audience reach.

Start the Conversation

It all starts with the company you keep. Establish your audience by following like-minded individuals, businesses and nonprofits. Tools like Followerwonk can make it easy to find Twitter users who are in you industry or share your passions. Make sure to give these folks a reason to follow you back. Small things like a well thought out profile picture and complete bio go a long way toward capturing the attention of your audience and attracting new followers. Also, a verified profile on Facebook or Twitter establishes trust with potential followers.

Content is King

Every post from your company’s social media account should put your best foot forward. This is your chance to show the world that you know your stuff! Don’t post fluff for the sake of upping your follower count. If you are not seen as a reliable source in your field, your audience will not take your insight seriously.