“Rethink” your brand’s messaging

Aug 13, 2014 | B2B, Branding

“Go with your gut” may be good advice when choosing where to grab lunch. But if you’re seeking to position your brand as the leader in its industry, we suggest a bit more forethought.

One platform where businesses — and individuals — can get burned by impulsive comments is social media. As an extension of a company’s brand, one questionable comment can cost dearly.

Trisha Prabhu, a 13-year-old Google’s Global Science Fair finalist, recently created a system called “Rethink” as part of an experiment to help prevent cyberbullying — and encouraged teens to think before they post on social media. Her premise was simple: Teenagers are impulsive and are quick to post cruel messages without considering the consequences.

In the 533 trials Prabhu conducted, Rethink prompted students to pause and think about the effect an unkind comment would have on its target. More than 93 percent of teens decided to not post their comment.

At Gavin, we encourage clients to “Rethink” the messages they put out to consumers through public relations, marketing and advertising. We work carefully to pinpoint each client’s exceptional difference and then amplify it with messaging and creative elements that drive action.

So we ask you next time you are about to hit that share button or begin a new campaign: Rethink. Be true to your brand. Drive action.