How to Reach the Millennial Generation on Social Media

May 16, 2016 | Digital

Last year, it’s estimated the millennial generation spent $2.45 trillion, and financial advisers believe that number will continue to grow as the generation ages (and pays off student loans). With that much spending power, marketers are taking note of millennials’ buying trends, and how they receive information.

For sure, we already know millennials’ mindset and approaches to the marketplace are “radically different” from other generations.

The millennial generation wants exclusive and authentic, creative content. They’re an empathetic generation; one that cares more about reviews and peer recommendations than paid advertising. They also seek content that shows a direct interest in their generation and their voice.

So, rule No. 1: Be honest and true to your brand. This tech-savvy generation might be young, but it is far from naïve. If there is a hint that your pitch or product lacks authenticity or true results, they will likely call you out on it.


Since the rebranding of Myspace as a music platform, Facebook is considered the original social network. Its purpose is to push the personal news cycle forward. Twelve years after its launch, Facebook remains the dominate social media platform for news and information. But when we say news, we mean “soft news” a la “100 ways to spend your summer” and “5 tips for cleaning your kitchen.”

Facebook isn’t where the millennial generation gets world news; it’s where they go for light-hearted conversations, friendly debates, or, let’s be honest, gossip. So don’t post minute-by-minute breaking news on your brand here. Wait for solid imagery (graphics, photos, videos), then post once.


On Twitter, post often – even about the same topic. Twitter posts in real time, so millennials depend on it for breaking news and events.

Depending on your industry, you could use Twitter to live tweet during company events or make breaking announcements.


Snapchat is the home of in-the-moment photo sharing. The social media application is an intimate view into the life of its users. Snapping a picture or recording a short video to share with friends and family is quickly becoming millennials’ preferred method of communication.

Geofilters and location-specific stories may be added to these posts by swiping and applying the filter to the photo or video.

Marketers can use those filters or specialty stories for special events. Submit a filter for a product launch or business anniversary party to allow your guests to share your event with their social network.


Instagram isn’t as “instant” as it used to be. Much like Facebook, post a well-edited photo or video once to gauge reaction. Unlike Facebook, Instagram videos may only be 60 seconds.

What works well for marketers on Instagram: contests. Using hashtags makes it easy to track participants. Ask participants to post photos incorporating your logo or products, so their followers see your brand, too.

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