Ramping Up for 2020

Dec 18, 2019 | Digital

The new year is just around the corner! Are you prepared for 2022-2023, especially since it is a presidential election year? Election years can play a key part in planning your annual strategy. Check out these tips from our team on what you should keep an eye out for in the new year:

  1. Create Buzz – Most media outlets are going to be focused on what presidential candidates are saying, which may cause difficulties in getting your company’s “newsworthy” content to the public. We recommend continuing active pitching to media outlets but focus your stories on positive or trending news. Additionally, increase your company’s submissions of op-eds. Adding op-eds to your 2022-2023 strategy can help push you and your company into the public eye.
  2. Get Creative with the Content – While you may not get many pitches picked up in 2022-2023, you can always create additional SEO driven blog content. By adding keywords and phrases searchers are looking for, you will help boost your company to the top of the search. When blogs include SEO, you open the door to directly connecting with your target audience.
  3. Commit to a Strategy of Analytics to Gain Insight – Understand reports aren’t analytics. Reports shared in a meaningful way lead to new perspectives and valuable a-ha moments. That is a strategy of analytics. What smart organizations do today is capture the insights available across multiple touchpoints revealing true competitive advantage. This is the cornerstone and prerequisite to a strong outreach program in 2022-2023.
  4. Commit to Clarity in Your Analytics to Gain Efficiency – Be forewarned, using this most valuable component of digital marketing requires technical know-how and organizational fortitude. The payoff, however, is well worth the investment. Organizations make major decisions based on analytics – they need to be accurate and meaningful. To get to that point, proper and comprehensive configuration is a requirement. Meaningful analysis and explanation is a necessity. With it, you will have a complete symphony of consumer and competitive insights before you.

Don’t make business decisions in the dark. Gavin is here to help get your target audiences engaged in 2022-2023.