Outsmarting The Rip-Off Artist

Jan 29, 2014 | Digital

Recently, Saddleback Leather released a how-to video showing just how to produce counterfeit Saddleback bags. Yes, really, you read that correctly. In response to the high amount of counterfeit Saddleback Leather products they took —what seems at first—a counter-intuitive approach that is clearly outsmarting rip-off artists.

We fell in love with this approach right away. Outsmart folks by creating opportunities to capture attention and educate a precise audience.

Saddleback’s video is an example of how an intelligent, witty and creative social media content strategy can earn Likes and followers, all while educating consumers on your points of differentiation.

In the video, Dave Munson, owner and founder of Saddleback, mocks his imitators and outsmarts rip-off artists by showing how to create knockoff bags. What we love is that is uses the opportunity to show off his key points of craftsmanship so consumers can spot a fake.

Munson spends the majority of the video showing counterfeiters of the world what corners they can cut to make the biggest profit possible when counterfeiting a Saddleback product.

Because Saddleback took such an outside-the-box approach to telling their brand and product story, they created an innovative YouTube video that has nearly 250,000 views in a little more than two weeks.

This video is a great example of owning your brand while still delivering strong content. Munson talks about how amazing his products are, while maintaining the sarcastic tone their brand is built on. Saddleback’s website and blog are full of sarcastic comments about its own brand and competition. We like these guys.

At Gavin, we understand the importance of innovative content. In fact, we have a formula for it. If you don’t believe us, you could always go with a knock-off advertising firm.