Navigating Crisis Communications During COVID-19

Jul 6, 2020 | Public Relations

Gavin President/CEO Talks to PA Township News About Crisis

A crisis event can occur at any moment and have significant ramifications on individuals and brands.

Unfortunately, our nation has experienced a pandemic crisis that has negatively impacted nearly every single industry. It has, however, provided an opportunity for companies and organizations to reassess their crisis communications plans and proactively prepare for the future.

Mandy Arnold, President and CEO of Gavin TM, recently spoke with the PA Township News to discuss the importance of crisis planning and getting our message out to target audiences.

“As a crisis moves at a rapid pace, you can only be as effective as the information you have at your fingertips,” Arnold said.

The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors works with Gavin to offer classes on proactive approaches to constituent communications, how to control the message and keep publicity opportunities focused on the truth to avoid the rumor mill.

You can find the full PA Township news article here.