Must Love People: The Politics of Design

Aug 20, 2014 | Agency Updates

Kent “Battle” Martin is the King of Beer.

(And yes, “Battle” is his preferred nickname.)

Single handedly approving 30,000 beer labels per year for the Tax and Trade Bureau might make Battle feel like royalty, but how do label designers feel about him? It turns out, a little hostile.

Battle is known for his absurd attention to detail and seemingly irrational rejections of beer labels, which seriously aggravates companies that stand behind their designs.

It’s an obstacle creatives face on a daily basis.

Outside factors are an integral part of design and advertising. Influenced by talent, understanding, passion, subconscious desires or inflexible thinking, concepts must be clearly communicated between a designer and client to address and explain the purpose behind an idea. We tend to assume others understand our ideas without adequate communication, which can lead to some misunderstandings.

That’s where people skills come in. The ability to hear and understand the wants and needs of a client — and balance them with the ideas and justifications of the designer — will take a business partnership to new lengths; ultimately providing success.

Addy Ale
We’d love to hear what Battle has to say about Addy Ale, a limited edition brew from our creative brewing label, Final Draught.

At Gavin, we think beyond the pretty and always ask why. Communication helps us to maintain an effective and prosperous partnership between clients. We value their opinion and strive to fulfill each client’s needs through constant communication —all while staying true to the brand.

And as for you, Battle, we’ll talk to you at happy hour.