Minnie Mouse: Messin’ with a Classic

Mar 25, 2013 | Digital

Minnie. Hey, girl. Let’s talk about your new look. We know you’re 85 years old and all, and we totally understand wanting to freshen things up for spring, but… you are a living legend, mama! You are beloved around the world. People take that big ol’ hair bow personally; they are invested in those red and white polka dots. And they don’t respond well to change.

We’re going to give you the same advice we give to our clients: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Remember the short-lived new Gap logo? Or the Tropicana repackaging disaster? Stick with what works for you, honey. And full-coverage beaded ain’t it. I mean, one spectator at your fashion show reveal called your look “mother of the bride.” Embarrassing. Daisy Duck wouldn’t be caught dead in that frock and she’s been pantsless for the past 76 years.

Being a classic is a good thing. Embrace it. Think Coca-Cola; not New Coke. Besides, girl, polka dots are hot this year. Next time you want to update your look, take a tip from Michelle Obama and just add some bangs.