Maximizing Results Through Consumer Education

Mar 31, 2016 | Digital

More than 648,000,000 packages were shipped over the last holiday season. That’s an 8% increase over 2014. We all love getting something in the mail, but what we often overlook is recycling what our surprise arrived in — all that packaging!

It’s a major dilemma for Penn Waste, so they tasked our team with developing a quick-hitting, high impact consumer education marketing campaign. From Black Friday through New Year’s Day, we delivered a highly engaging social media and public relations campaign that reached more than 2.5 million people in the York, Harrisburg and Lancaster areas with a message on being better holiday recyclers.

  • In just 3 weeks, 2.5 MILLION impressions
  • 21% increase in website traffic

Social Posts & Videos

Our goal? Keep the recycling message simple and easy to digest. With a bright and clean aesthetic, we were able to generate strong engagement with the Penn Waste audience.

Through the use of shareable images and a series of short 15-second videos, our consumer education marketing worked in an easy, accessible manner.

  • 83,524 consumers reached
  • 541 likes, comments & shares

Landing Page

Our team developed a landing page to deliver a more in-depth explanation of recycling with Penn Waste. Here, visitors were able to see what can be recycled and how easy it is to recycle.

A designed brochure available for download allowed consumers to keep a handy reminder in their home or office.

  • 21% increase in traffic to Penn Waste’s website, month over month

Downloadable Brochure

Public Relations

Digital outreach was supported by a comprehensive public relations campaign that enlisted local media to help spread our message. The results were impressive.

  • 15 stories across print, broadcast and online platforms in the York, Harrisburg and Lancaster areas
  • 1.8 million total impressions
  • $54,907 estimated publicity value

Curious to know how the Gavin team can help your business with consumer education marketing and maximize results during your busiest time of year? Talk to Gavin.