Landing Pages – Are They Still Relevant?

Sep 20, 2018 | B2B, Digital, Web Services

It’s the first thing you want your potential customer to see and it helps to drive conversions. While landing pages are important, are they still relevant?

The short answer is yes. Landing pages continue to stay relevant in increasing acquisition and revenue. Let’s dig into why you should be aware of how your landing pages are performing and how to keep them earning you money.

The importance of these pages isn’t going away any time soon.

Landing pages help increase conversions

A landing page is not necessarily a homepage. Sometimes coming to a homepage can overwhelm a user with too many call-to-actions. Distinguish what conversions you want to drive and model your landing page around that.

An effective landing page contributes enormously to a positive user experience. Customers and future clients should feel at ease and be able to identify your call-to-action.

The diversity of landing pages can help grow conversions as well. Utilizing a landing page can allow your business to showcase a variety of offers.

Landing pages are utilized to entice and intrigue customers. Create a landing page that offers individuals a significant coupon or trial for the goods and services you sell.

Making your landing page effective can be done in many ways, find the one that works for you.

Landing pages provide insight into your customers

Demographics, interests, and preferences are invaluable pieces of information you can glean from a simple contact form or free-trial offer. The more information you receive, better you’ll be able to tailor your message to them over and over again.

Landing pages contribute to your Google Quality Score

A great landing page will improve user experience and contribute to increased Google Ads exposure. When Google is determining where ads should be placed, it considers multiple factors, including expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

Google Quality Score takes the estimate of how your ad is performing and gives it a rating between one and ten. Having a higher Google Quality Score means that an effective, thought-out landing page can lower your ad cost.

Landing pages are essential to any successful ad campaign – especially when conversions are concerned.

If you’re stuck on how to develop or maintain an effective landing page, or if you want to take your existing pages to the next level, we can help.