It’s All About the (Marketing) Love Today

Feb 12, 2016 | Digital

Whether you’re trying to charm a hopeless romantic or please a sweet tooth, you’re not alone this Valentine’s Day. Join the millions of people who jump head first into this commercialized holiday, spending on average $142 dollars to share their love. I thought love couldn’t be bought, but I must have that mixed up with some other holiday saying. 

Regardless, on this day, love fills the air and is shown in countless ways, from jewelry to chocolate, to flowers and cards (my personal fav). Valentine’s Day is a marketing blitz for some industries. 

Since this day is about sharing love, we thought we’d send some love the marketing way.

In marketing there are so many things we love, brainstorming, designs, and clients just to name a few. And of course, the coffee. So much love for coffee!!

Check out our love letters for marketers below: