Improve Your Company’s Communications Strategy with Brand Research

Apr 12, 2021 | B2B, Branding, Digital

Conducting brand research and implementing brand strategies to connect with your target audiences is an essential step to promoting a product, service or idea. By researching audiences’ perceptions and experiences, brands can gain an abundance of knowledge to refine and execute their marketing and communications strategies effectively.

Performing brand research also reveals the target audiences’ understanding of the organization, expectations and any misconceptions about the brand to foster better relationships. Clients can initiate research anytime to receive support for strategic initiatives, leading to further action steps and possibly discovering reasons to run a recurring campaign.

Read on to learn more about how brand research projects can support your organization’s existing and future brand communications strategies.

Brand Research Methods

At Gavin, we support organizations during the research stage by facilitating brainstorming sessions to identify core brand elements. We help generate responsive approaches that will resonate brand elements with the target audience by applying research methods such as surveys and focus groups.

These practices help organizations cultivate and create a brand strategy that best connects their product or service to the audience.

Brand research gives our clients an evidence-based foundation to build a strategic communications plan. We are focused on improving clients’ communication and strategically positioning the brand. The strategy’s research component also helps create its messaging and marketing initiatives to distinguish the brand from its competitors.

Our extensive experience supporting organizations provides us with the expertise to present clients with the best methods to deliver efficient and meaningful results to fulfill their needs and drive growth.

Every client comes to Gavin seeking a different form of help. Whether they are looking to sell a service or product or trying to drive membership or employment growth, the brand research we assist with will ultimately provide the client with information to take further action in their marketing and communications.

As a qualitative research methodology, focus groups explore the perception and understanding people have of the brand. Focus groups can be unpredictable; therefore, discussions can provide an opportunity to learn new information and alter brand initiatives as needed.

Although focus groups are a beneficial brand research method, they are often compensation-based, and clients should factor participant compensation into their research budgets.

Surveys are also an extremely versatile tool to collect qualitative data for clients. Agencies collect data from different sample sizes to gain broader insight between the brand and its audience.

Benefits of Working with Gavin

Gavin can take on complex brand research projects for various industries to develop and implement a strategic plan to advance their missions. Our robust portfolio showcases our ability to help companies strengthen communication with their audience and promote their brand.

We are also equipped with certifications, such as the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certification, to assist transportation clients who are required to hire smaller and more diverse businesses to support their contracts.

Gavin’s engagement with brand research often drives other messaging and improves communications with our clients’ internal and external audiences. Research projects performed by Gavin can potentially lead to other campaigns and actions to further help the client strengthen its brand strategy.

If you are seeking an agency to conduct specific research to improve your communication and brand strategy, contact Gavin to support your next project.