Ikea Design Pick of the Week – Gavin Digs Edition

Sep 26, 2013 | Consumer Goods

You never get a second chance at a first impression. Each of us is unique and every aspect of our lives can, and should, depict that. The clothes that you wear, the car you drive, the house you live in and just simply the way that you carry yourself tells others a lot about who you are and what you represent.

Why is it that you extensively clean your house before you have guests? Is it because a clean house makes YOU feel better, or is it because you don’t want your guests to think you live in a pigsty? While the first reason may be true, chances are that the latter is what makes you actually get up and do it.

The same thinking can, and should, be applied to any place of business in which clients are frequently coming in and out. The front door, the color scheme, the layout and friendliness of the employees all must work together to create an immediate image of who you are as a business entity.

Creative environments foster creativity. Branded spaces reinforce your brand identity. Collaborative work places inspire collaboration. Are you seeing the pattern? The places in which we work are directly related to the work that is produced. It is an internal representation of the brand, but also serves a more important role by aesthetically depicting your identity to visiting clients or to the all-important potential clients. This is something that we at Gavin take seriously and understand, and others have been noticing.

Ikea recently selected Gavin as their Share Space pick of the week for our office design. We could not be more flattered and excited by comments such as, “Gavinadv’s choice to use complementary colors on the walls and ceilings provides the visitors with an introduction to the company’s creative endeavors” and “Tangerine orange and teal blue work harmoniously together offsetting each other with both a calming and energetic vibe.”

We are proud to show off our space and are even more proud of the work that is created by the team within. The next time you’re in Downtown York, come check out our digs and chat with the G-Peeps who are making it all possible.