How to Make the Most of Facebook Stories

Apr 19, 2019 | Digital

Diving into the Sea of Social Stories

The world of social media advertising is constantly changing and businesses need to be able to decide on which sources to utilize in order to stay ahead of the marketing game. Snapchat’s invention of social stories opened a new communication channel that gained momentum very quickly. Soon the idea spread like wildfire to other already established social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Facebook knew they needed to take advantage and with that they released Facebook Stories.

The addition of Facebook Stories has been so successful because of its convenient location on the homepage. Visually stimulating pictures and videos are available to view for 24-hours and can be passed through with a touch of the screen. Facebook was inspired to create Facebook Stories after Instagram Stories had 150 million daily users.

How can Facebook Advertising Benefit your Business?

Brand Awareness. There are a variety of ways in which you can create brand awareness through Facebook Stories. One strategy is to position advertisements within Facebook Stories Ads. Users who are constantly passing through stories will become familiar with your brand. The self-promotion option allows you to maintain a relationship with your current customers and reach out to those who do not yet know of your business.

Increase Engagement. Stories allow you to connect with your customers organically. When posting a story, you want to show people what you are doing behind the scenes. What makes you fun, different or unique? You can now show them that in an interactive way.

Measure Your Campaign. Facebook is a great platform for targeting and analytics. With Facebook Stories you can see who has watched your clips and determine who is the most interested in your brand. From here your business can target customers and gain more information about the audience you are trying to reach.

The benefits of using Facebook advertising to reach your customers can have a positive impact on your business, but there are important factors that go into how successful your campaign is. The content that you release on your stories needs to flow and be consistent.

How to Make the Most of Facebook Stories

Use Exciting Content.

2. Focus on Your Brand. Interacting with your audience needs to have a balance of brand awareness and creativity. When you decide to use stories, it is important to utilize Facebook’s filters and other effects to establish your brand’s look. Make sure that font and colors align with your brand to help promote consistency and awareness.

3. Stand Out. Avoid falling into the typical social media advertising strategies that most of your competitors are using. Uniqueness is an important quality to have in your social media presence. People crave a brand that takes pride in their employees and has an interesting background.

4. Create Genuine Content. Promoting your services and products is important, but it is equally important to create a relationship with your audience. Customers like to know who a business is and what they stand for before deciding to make a purchase. The content displayed should focus on your product or service, but it should also include who is behind the closed doors.

Whether you are new to the social media story era or have been adjusting your Facebook advertising strategies to meet its needs, it is important to keep some of these tips in mind when promoting yourself. How to reach your customers effectively is taking on a variety of forms, but it seems the idea of social stories is here to stay.

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