How to Effectively Hire Through Digital Employment Campaigns

Mar 22, 2021 | B2B, Digital

Digital Strategies Driving Increased Recruitment Results

For any organization to be successful, it needs to hire the best talent it can find. In a dominant digital world, using the internet as a recruitment tool has become all the more essential.

According to The Open University, 79% of job seekers are likely to use social media in their job search. This number is even higher at 86% for younger job seekers.

At Gavin, we have a proven track record of helping companies attract the talent needed to fill open positions and expand teams to reach strategic business goals. If your organization is hiring and needs to run an employment campaign, read on to learn more.

Main Channels for Hiring Employees

Social channels like Facebook and Instagram may be used heavily to share pictures of adorable puppies and Sunday brunch, but they are also critical tools for connecting employers with potential employees.

Employers regularly place ads on Facebook to promote open positions. Facebook even has a feature baked in specifically for posting jobs and helping you attract the right people to your page.

Although Facebook and Instagram are a great start, LinkedIn is a much more effective social platform for recruitment campaigns, since it is specifically designed for professional networking. The platform has powerful and comprehensive tools for advertising open positions to individuals who fit the exact requirements you are searching for in your organization. The platform sees 40 million people searching for jobs each week and three people hired every minute.

Optimizing Your Employment Campaigns

While posting a job opening on one of the many sites is a good start to recruiting prospective hires, that alone may not be enough to help you find the best talent. You need to create a strategy that includes geotargeting, event tracking, machine learning and real-time optimizations. These digital strategies will ensure you have a much more effective employment campaign.

Geotargeting enables you to dial into a specific geographic radius that is consistent with the commute times of your audience. This is useful when you’re looking for potential employees who live locally and won’t have to commute for long distances.

Event tracking establishes a planned user path, from ad impression to application submission, when possible, to tag events when they occur and provide real-time analytics on the performance of the employment campaign. These analytics enable the ad platform to identify and score audience effectiveness and relevancy.

Real-time optimizations are the constant analyses and reviews of the ad campaigns that allow analysts, like the digital team at Gavin, to identify inefficiencies and fix them to run the most effective campaign possible. Gavin’s digital experts are well versed in real-time campaign optimizations and providing recommendations that ensure the campaign provides the right talent for our clients.

Some organizations may take a “set it and forget it” strategy to advertising employment campaigns, but this strategy may not yield the most optimal results.

Driving Results, Lowering Costs

To ensure the campaign is bearing fruit, Gavin tracks different a variety of key digital metrics, including impressions, page views and leads, to see how many people are seeing the ad and taking the action we want them to take. These metrics provide us with insight into how well a campaign is performing and what optimizations can be made to yield higher or more relevant leads.

Doing these optimizations can eventually lower the cost per result in the campaign, which provides a greater ROI to the company in its pursuit of the right candidate.

If your organization is looking to improve your next hiring campaign, contact Gavin’s digital marketing team today.