How Strong Internal Communications Can Amplify Your External Voice

Jan 14, 2021 | B2B, Public Relations

Evolve the way you reach your audience to enhance your brand influence

In an era where a normal workday may be characterized by working in sweatpants, endless Zoom calls and screaming children in the background, it can be difficult to maintain your sanity let alone coherent and effective communications with your boss and teammates.

And if internal communications weren’t tricky enough to nail down, your organization also has to be concerned with external communications with vendors, partners and customers.

Fortunately, the two are quite intertwined and success in one area can lead you to positive outcomes in the other.

First: Nail the internal talk

There are a variety of communication channels organizations use to correspond and share information with each other remotely, such as SharePoint, Slack and Teams, among others.

These channels, though, are not enough to navigate the complexity of internal communications, especially while working remotely. While these applications are useful for day-to-day correspondence and timely updates, they are not as effective in providing comprehensive reviews of organizational updates or changes.

For those communications, a newsletter or video messages would be more appropriate to keep employees and other stakeholders in the loop on changes and highlights within the organization. Quarterly or monthly newsletters or topical company videos allow you to dive deeply into topics difficult to adequately cover in an email.

These tools also give you flexibility to showcase related elements about team or project achievements, or present details in new ways visually. They can be posted online and distributed via email, while newsletters can be printed to reach broader audiences.

Having clear and effective internal communications can directly translate to better external communications. It is critical to the growth of the organization and can help with creating even more effective opportunities to gain new followers and customers.

Confidently navigate internal communications while working remotely with our guide.

Then: Reach the external audiences

What’s the use in having a great product or service if you can’t communicate it to the public? There are many ways you can publicize your announcements or share your expertise with the world. Among those are podcasts, blogs, webinars, press releases, and social media content.

One of the most valuable investments you can make as a business is securing earned media placements, which is getting client news in online and print publications, and/or on television and radio stations. Experts suggest that PR builds credibility, expands your reach and provides more bang for your buck.

“Media placements can help your brand boost its credibility and showcase your leadership team and subject matter experts,” says Gavin Senior Media Relations Manager Jay Scott. “Earned media exposure can also drive greater social media and website engagement to support business development and other sales or funding goals.”

Additionally, people are more likely to trust media publications and network coverage of a company than they are to trust advertisements from that company.

However, it is also valuable for a company to share its insights on the topics in which it is an expert. Communicating that information through blogs and podcasts allows you to have a rich library of content using different mediums that can often be repurposed in your marketing.

The more areas where you can meet your potential consumers, the more likely you are to find your next client, advocate, employee, funder, or volunteer.

Polishing your communications strategy

Communications is an ever-growing industry that is as complex as it is fun. It requires strategic thought, constant planning and great execution to provide the results you desire. From shooting a quick note to a teammate and a formal letter to a client to distributing a press release or publishing a blog, communication is the foundation upon which the business world rests.

In an increasingly digital world, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and communicate effectively by cutting through the noise in the marketplace. Once you crack the code to streamlined communications, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.

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