Gavin Speaks at PSATS

Jul 29, 2020 | Agency Updates, Government

Senior PR and Digital Leads Discussed Communications Best Practices

Evolving influence is more than our way of life. While exceeding standards and pushing beyond expectations is at the core of what we do, evolving influence is a practice we strive for.

Our senior public relations strategists and digital communications expert recently spoke at virtual webinars hosted by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors. Director of Public Relations Kim Myers and PR Project Manager Jay Scott spoke about crisis communications in the (new) real world.

Myers and Scott highlighted how a continuous communications cadence can help local governments mitigate risk, build the public’s trust, navigate crises and more.

In a separate virtual event, Gavin’s Director of Digital Services Jason Altland provided a comprehensive walk-through of how public communication can be advanced through effective web design and related digital support services.

Disseminating information in a timely fashion, sharing community events and streamlining key internal and external messages were also topics Altland covered.

Listen to Kimberly Myers and Jay Scott’s webinar presentation.

Listen to Jason Altland’s webinar presentation.