GAVIN™ and sister company, YGS Association Solutions, Collaborate to Enhance Strategic Positioning for Associations and Nonprofits 

May 22, 2024 | Agency Updates

GAVIN and Association Solutions have joined forces to redefine service excellence and success for associations and national nonprofits worldwide. With a focus on strategic positioning and bespoke digital strategies, GAVIN is dedicated to highlighting the essential value of advocacy, networking, and memberships within these crucial organizations. 

About Our Partnership 

In collaboration with our sister company, YGS Association Solutions, we are delighted to offer comprehensive CUSTOM SOLUTIONS. We recognize that the needs of one association can significantly differ from another.  

With a single account manager to guide you, we can provide an array of solutions—ranging from membership marketing campaigns, media and event sales and management, executive visibility, content creation, tradeshow strategies and branding to printing and mailing services. YGS takes pride in being a corporation dedicated to specialized business solutions, adept at meeting your association’s specific requirements and we are proud to announce the addition of comprehensive agency services to the Associations who we have partnered with for years and those who will in the future. 


GAVIN stands at the forefront as a cutting-edge agency, specializing in strategic positioning, advocacy, digital strategies tailored for associations and national nonprofits across various chapters or locations. Driven by a commitment to deliver tangible results, prove value, and build a future pipeline of members, GAVIN is dedicated to propelling organizations towards unprecedented levels of success and impact. 

GAVIN’s leadership team has years of expertise serving the association space and has assembled a comprehensive suite of services designed to drive measurable results for membership-based entities. At the core of our mission is a promise to enhance online visibility, engage members, and ultimately secure a pipeline for future members. 

Targeted Digital Excellence 

In today’s digital-first world, a robust online presence is non-negotiable. Recognizing this, the agency offers targeted digital strategies that include an engaging website, dynamic social media profiles, and precision digital marketing. Key services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media advertising, and email marketing – all tailored to align with the goals and target audience of each client. 

Expert Positioning through PR 

To further underline the value of associations and national nonprofits, GAVIN introduces an unparalleled public relations strategy, positioning organizations as industry experts and underlining their impact on members and communities alike. This includes media coverage, speaking engagements, press releases, and media training, thereby reinforcing the reputation and brand value of clients. 

Fostering Future Growth 

A pivotal goal for the agency is to attract new members while retaining existing ones. By deploying targeted digital strategies alongside expert positioning efforts, the agency aims to create a sustainable pipeline for future members. Strategies encompass developing referral programs, forging industry partnerships, and encouraging current members to become brand advocates. 

To contact us for your association’s needs, please email [email protected] 

Serena L. Spiezio, Executive Vice President of GAVIN

Before taking the lead as GAVIN’s EVP, Serena spent 7 years building and mentoring YGS Association Solutions, Technology Solutions, and Marketing Solutions teams. As Vice President, all marketing, sales, content, and creative initiatives for the company’s clients were under her guidance. Creating and implementing very defined vertical-based teams, allowed the team to grow and deliver award-winning creative strategy to high-profile clients such as Aetna, Hershey, Consumer Reports, and over 23 Associations.