Funnel Your Audience with Website Segmentation

Jul 14, 2017 | B2B, Digital, Web Services

New Standard Corporation is a provider of components, assemblies and finished products. By focusing on advanced and value engineering, manufacturing technologies, global procurement and consultative selling they can produce and deliver products from design through distribution. With all this technology and engineering abilities the company’s website quickly became filled with a ton of content, resulting in a confusing message for customers and prospects.

The Gavin team was tasked with paring down and modernizing New Standard’s current website, ensuring the messaging was segmented to target each audience. Also, the team was tasked with upgrading the site to be ADA compliant, since the company is founded on compliance.

In reviewing the website, Gavin concluded that New Standard’s current site was too broad, trying to reach too many audiences. In doing this, they were losing users because they couldn’t find the information they were searching for.

Segmenting the website was the best option to combat this.

By developing segmentation on the website, users feel like the company “gets them” because the content is customized for their industry. Working closely with the New Standard team, Gavin narrowed down the segments. These segments were then added to a simple, clean homepage, or splash page, to get customers and prospects to the right information with as little clicks as possible.

Now that the site was segmented, and the content was pared down, New Standard Corporation wanted to incorporate some unique functionality into the site. After some creative brainstorming, Gavin came up with embedding short background videos as part of each page template. Doing this not only captures the attention of users, but entices them to read more.

The result is an ADA compliant, sharp website design, created to ensure users get the right information efficiently.