Watch “For the Love of Art & Copy”

Oct 25, 2011 | Agency Updates, Branding

What many people don’t know about great advertising is that it’s always created to tell a story of greatness. We build from inspiration, starting with the very truth that connects a human to an idea, an emotion or an experience.  As advertisers, we get up in the morning to excite people. To solve problems with innovative design. And to make something so wonderful and boldly simple in its message, you can’t help but not ignore it.  We move minds and strive to show companies how great they can be, even beyond their marketing.

If you are a lover of the creative good, you also understand that the boundaries are pushed out of necessity. Pushing harder allows creativity to go further. So, those of us in advertising that are committed to great work always appear to be a little crazy.  We blurt out profanities at times, we burst with excitement when great ideas are vocalized and we encourage saying what doesn’t make sense at the time. That’s all ok. It’s how we get to great ideas. It’s our process.

For the past two years, we’ve been in love with a film that captured our industry and told our story: Art & Copy. About a month ago, it won a much-deserved Emmy for Arts and Culture Programming.

Here’s the trailer. You can rent it on Netflix or on DVD. Enjoy the creativity.