Feel-Good Marketing

Jan 18, 2012 | Digital

For us, our “truth in branding” mission means being in tune with what the audience is looking for and finding a way to turn consumers into brand enthusiasts. It requires a human connection and telling a story. The recent “Feel Good” Facebook marketing campaign by Kleenex, executed by Israeli creative agency smoyz, is a fantastic example of a brand taking the extra step to make that connection.

The idea was simple: Kleenex makes tissues, so let’s find people that need tissues and send them some. Kleenex monitored Facebook statuses looking for people who mentioned being sick and selected 50 of the Facebook posters. “With a little help from the sick people’s friends,” they found their addresses and sent them a care package, complete with—what else?—Kleenex.

One-hundred percent of the recipients posted a photo of their care package on their Facebook wall and shared with their friends. Other Facebook users then began looking to Kleenex for their own packages, meaning more interaction with the Kleenex brand on Facebook and prolonging the conversation.

Ultimately, the metrics on the campaign were outstanding:

  • Total Kleenex kits sent: 50
  • Total Impressions: 650,402
  • Interactions: 1,800

Just goes to show, if you create a great story and deliver that to your target audience, the results will follow. Are we suggesting you stalk your Facebook followers? Not necessarily, but using available tools (like social media) to keep abreast of what’s important to them and what they’re talking about allows you to make that connection. More importantly, it lets them know that you care about what is important to them.

How can you leverage social media to reach your fan base in a new and exciting way?

Source: Adverblog