Facebook Unveils New Tool For Brands

Mar 13, 2014 | Digital, Web Services

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature for brand Pages to reach fans. As of February 25, whenever a Page tags another Page, the post will appear in the news feed of fans of each page. For example, if Gavin Advertising tagged Restaurant Week York PA in a post, and you Liked Restaurant Week York PA, you would see Gavin Advertising’s post. This situation is clearly hypothetical, because after Restaurant Week’s smashing success this year, you obviously already Like both Pages.

This feature is similar to updates about your friends. Facebook already shows you pictures from people you’re not connected with when they tag your friends.

For marketing, this feature allows brands to expand their audience. Let’s continue with the Restaurant Week example. Picture this: If you Liked Restaurant Week York PA’s Page, but none of the participants’ pages, you would now see posts like the following:

You’ll start to see these posts because Facebook notices that many users already Like both pages. Because of this, they assume posts from The White Rose Bar & Grill would interest those who only like Restaurant Week.

This update should also help increase organic reach of pages to new fans.  Ogilvy & Mather, an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency, recently published a study indicating the average organic reach of brand Facebook pages had dropped since last October. According to the report, organic reach dropped from 12.05 percent to 6.15 percent for all pages in the past few months, and a bit less for pages with more than 500,000 fans.

Facebook said the drop in organic reach is due to the increasing amount content eligible for fans to see on their news feeds, which outweighs people’s ability to consume it.

In the end, the new feature of expanded reach in tagging other Pages is a great way for brands to reach potential new fans, and to introduce people to new brands that may interest them.