Excel at Email Marketing in 10 Steps

Jun 13, 2018 | B2B, Digital, Web Services

Inboxes are overflowing. Here are some tips on how to make sure your campaigns break through the noise and beg to be opened.

1. Build your list strategically

Lead generation forms on your website inspire people to join your list. Once you’ve captured their information, you can begin promoting your services, products, and giving updates.

Automation allows you to connect with your new subscribers instantly and begin building a relationship as you push them down the funnel.

These tactics are also useful for landing pages.

2. Nail the subject line

The subject line can make or break your campaign. Short, powerful words make more of an impact.

You can even A/B test your subject line by dividing your list in half and tracking the open, click-through and conversion rates of each. Keep the body of the email the same in both campaigns.

3. Know your audience

Segment them

The more specific you get with your audience, the better ROI you’ll have on your emails. If you have content tailored specifically to architects, for example, segment them in your list and tailor your content accordingly. Continue to create other tailored emails for contractors, designers, etc.

Make it personal

Sharing your story, using photos of people in your company, and personalizing the “to” field are great ways to engage people on an individual level.

4. Link it up

In addition to having links embedded in your copy, all images should be clickable as well. Having multiple links to the same page (i.e. in your copy and in your photo) will get you more website traffic.

5. Have a clear “call to action”

What is the goal of your campaign? Common calls to action are “Learn more,” “Contact us,” “Call now,” “Book your consultation,” etc. Big, bold buttons in strategic places are a good way to catch readers’ eyes on the most important parts of your campaign.

6. Design it for mobile

When it comes to email (and everything, really), mobile is no longer optional.

That means that you should make it responsive, but also beware of the scroll.

Avoid long scrolling as much as possible, but when you can’t, put your most compelling content at the top so the reader wants to scroll.

Simple and clean is best. Sharp images should balance out the text.

7. Provide value

What do you talk to your prospects and customers about when you’re with them in person? What do they care about? How do you touch their lives? Answers to these questions should be the core of your email messaging.

8. Avoid the spam filter

This guide from MailChimp offers helpful tips on keeping your campaign in the inbox. Avoid things like “from” names, reply-to addresses, and deceptive headers.

9. Follow privacy rules

Unsubscribing has always been a necessary option, but now it’s even more so. New rules like GDPR make it so that ethical marketing practices are more important than ever.

10. Test

We don’t just mean sending a test email before sending it to your whole list. We mean test what kind of content speaks most to your subscribers.

A/B test not just subject lines, but photos, content, colors, etc. Refine your email technique as you dive deeper into its limitless possibilities.

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