Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy with Digital Marketing

Jul 1, 2022 | B2B, Digital

Three ingredients to a successful digital recruitment

An effective digital recruitment campaign allows companies to connect, select and hire potential candidates through social media and other platforms. At Gavin, we have implemented successful digital recruitment campaigns with precise messaging for companies in various industries, including healthcare, education and manufacturing.

To see results, digital recruitment campaigns should include these three key ingredients:

Attracting the audience

The first step to an effective campaign begins with identifying the requirement of the audience’s career search and determining where they are in their journey. The messaging will be more effective if there is a clear understanding of the ideal candidate’s persona.

Personas are designed to identify the key characteristics of the employees an organization or business intends to hire. These characteristics are obtained by researching the ideal candidate’s behaviors, interests, goals and challenges.

Whether a candidate is fresh out of college or transitioning into a new role, they must relate to the campaign’s messaging. To connect with the target audience, it is essential to know what matters to them and offer a solution that meets their needs, such as work-life balance and paid time-off benefits. This is also an opportunity to highlight the benefits and culture that distinguish the company or organization from its competitors.

“Understanding the audience is a key ingredient to crafting effective messaging that will attract the ideal candidate,” said Rachael Kelley, Art Director at Gavin. “For example, if you are targeting entry-level candidates, they might be more attracted to a company that’s marketing opportunities for advancement within the company and tuition reimbursement.”

Standing out with visuals

With 63% of businesses increasing their digital marketing strategies, it is common for job seekers to encounter similar campaign images.

For example, digital marketing campaigns in health care consist of identifiable stock images, medical professionals and patients in the same poses and the frequent use of blue. At Gavin, the creative and digital departments collaborate to produce against-the-grain imagery where clients’ campaigns stand out from others in the industry. To attract prospective candidates’ attention, Kelley suggests using nontraditional colors related to healthcare, such as green and purple, to capture the viewers’ attention.

Creating engaging and eye-catching visuals encourages prospective candidates to explore more about the brand, resulting in the likelihood of applying for the open position.

Utilizing multiple touch points

A digital recruitment campaign offers an opportunity to create different sets of advertisements and tactics to target other individuals based on their career paths.

Connecting with potential applicants can be accomplished through:

  • Conducting keyword research.
  • Applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Creating Google Ads and social media ads.
  • Launching new landing pages.

The digital marketing strategies outlined in the campaign will provide valuable information to target key audiences, increase traffic to the website and generate recruitment.

Is your organization or company seeking new employees?

As more job seekers look for new opportunities online, digital marketing recruitment is key to finding the best candidates for current and future openings. Contact us to jump start your digital recruitment campaign.