Creating the Right Workspace Environment

Mar 20, 2015 | Agency Updates

If you’ve walked or driven down Market Street in downtown York, chances are you’ve seen our graffiti-style mural with a large G on it. Inside of that building are the sweet digs that we call home.

In the months between announcing the purchase of our new space and our big moving day in July 2014, we focused on creating the right workspace for our agency.

From bright colors that spark creativity to the comfortable meeting rooms, beer fridge and bocce ball court, Gavin has a workspace that allows our team to be comfortable and productive at the same time.

With that, we’re dishing out a few ways companies can create a work environment their employees will love.

Selecting the right color and lighting scheme for your office is one of the simplest ways an environment can enhance performance. (We’re partial to orange — are you surprised?) Certain colors have also been shown to encourage new ideas — that explains the Blue Room.

Your office environment should also create an atmosphere that caters to its workers. As creatives, we’re often meeting face to face to brainstorm ideas. Rolling ottomans and several couches encourage quick conversations away from our desks.

Building a second, smaller conference room and a private “phone booth” — both with doors — allow our growing team several options for a conference call, private conversation or focused work without interruptions, even when larger client meetings are ongoing in our main Blue Room.

When it comes down to it, a workspace should inspire your team while providing them the space they need to work individually and in groups. Giving people room to grow in the organization and asking for feedback — those are the ways to make true impact.

We wouldn’t mind getting our hands on that amazing orange fridge, though.