A Modern Brand for a Revitalized City

Gavin has a reputation for helping clients break through the noise to deliver on a clear and perfectly aligned brand and digital experience. Our motivation is to provide best-in-class service by delivering on our client’s needs and surpassing expectations. Your success is our success. That’s why when we assisted the City of Harrisburg with their rebrand, it was essential to have a very strategic, step-by-step plan based on data and modern best practices for branding. Along with a creative direction that tapped into and captured their audience’s voice and what drives them to act.
The goal was to create a logo and tagline to actively engage and position Harrisburg as a revitalized place to live, work and play by encompassing the personality and appeal of the city’s diverse audiences made up of residents, businesses, commuters, media, schools, developers, state, and local government. Simultaneously, , to motivate community awareness and enthusiasm that would in turn garner support for all that the city has to offer. A clean render version of the City Seal was also developed for use on formal documents.

Defining Standards

Critical to the success of the Harrisburg rebrand was the development of a multipage Brand Standards Guide. This document is the de facto source for everything brand-related and helps the City’s brand manager and others who interact with the brand know precisely how to implement it.

Ensuring Greater Accessibility – 24/7

The Digital Team at Gavin collaborated with the City of Harrisburg to ensure that their new website was more than just a pretty face, and no less than a highly functional asset to the organization.

The mission: to produce a broad customer-centric experience focused on the needs of the customers, and on improving interactions and engagement with the customer base.

To assist the City of Harrisburg in attaining that goal, we built an adaptive, user-friendly and straightforward navigational framework that provides access to key services on a 24/7 basis. For the more than 49,500 residents who call the capital home, HarrisburgPA.gov now makes it easier to report issues, pay bills, and find city information such as permits, parking locations, street sweeping schedules, special events and important announcement.

The site provides enhanced functionality for access to important information, updates and resources for businesses, residents and visitors. Harrisburgpa.gov also boosts improved mobile responsiveness and a user-friendly navigation to quickly access organized content on services.

“Harrisburg is a revitalized place to live and as a city dedicated to serving our publics we know that providing quick and easy access to important information is a key factor in customer service to our businesses and residents. Our new website ensures greater accessibility 24/7."

– Mayor Eric Papenfuse

With our comprehensive offering, expert team and proven track record of building more than 100 websites, Gavin is proud to have partnered with the City of Harrisburg as their strategic brand and digital development team.

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