Celebrate Black History Month by supporting Black creatives

Feb 11, 2022 | Agency Updates

Eight Black creators you should follow immediately

This February, in honor of Black History Month, Gavin is highlighting Black artists and creators who are influencing the creative and design industry. We understand one of the best ways to support the Black community is to use our platform as a catalyst to amplify their voices and showcase their talent.

Although these eight creators are just the beginning, there are many more Black creators who are changing the creative game and we acknowledge them all! Follow them, engage with their content, share their work, and continue to support them.

Below are some of our favorite Black creators you should follow today:

1. Timothy J. Hykes

Timothy (AKA Max Delaro) is a UX Consultant, graphic designer and Adobe’s 2019 UX Designers to Watch awardee.

His most noticeable work is his side project, The 28 Days of Black Designer Project, featuring 28 Black designers during Black History Month.

2. Antionette D. Carroll

Antionette is a social entrepreneur, international speaker and racial equity and design specialist focusing on redesigning human rights for Black and Latinx people.

She has been featured on Adobe, Adobe 99U, TED, Design Milk and more!

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3. RK Jackson

RK is a creative director and social media strategist who has worked with brands such as AJ Crimson Beauty, Siergio, Revel, Aldo, Snapchat and many more!

His work has been featured nationwide and internationally, including billboards, television, blogs, and websites.

4. Gail Anderson

Gail is a New York-based designer, educator and writer. She is best known for designing a postage stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, selling over 50,000,000 stamp copies, appearing on news shows and becoming a Jeopardy clue.

She was the recipient of the 2009 Richard Gangel Art Direction Award from the Society of Illustrators.

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5. Melissa Koby

Melissa is a Jamaican-born and a Tampa-based Illustrator. Mixing watercolor painting and digital illustration, she uses art to address social justice issues while celebrating people of color.

She has collaborated with Google, Life is Good and Etsy and has been featured on Elle, Pop Sugar, Forbes, People and more!

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6. Alexis Eke

Alexis is an illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Ontario. Her work is inspired by renaissance portraits, her faith and earth tones. Her goal is to increase the representation of black women in design.

She has worked with Adidas, Converse, Canada Goose, Google, Nike, etc. She also illustrated the entire Grownish cast for its season 4 promo.

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7. Jade Purple Brown

Jade is an artist based in New York City. Through her vibrant designs and strong messages, she encourages individuality and empowerment.

Her clients include Apple, Amazon Prime, Bryant Terry, Link NYC, among others.

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8. Ophelia M. Chambliss

Ophelia is an artist, lecturer, designer and muralist located in York, PA. Her signature painting style is realistic cubism and her color palette is primarily rich jewel tones.

Her work can be seen on murals, exhibits and community presentations.

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It’s time to click Follow – turn your notifications on while you are at it, too. Let’s celebrate Black History Month together!