York Country Day School

[Schooling] the Brand to Connect.
Facing a competitive educational landscape, York Country Day School realized it had a perception issue that was hindering its growth and ability to attract and retain students. With the market seeing an increase in education options, York Country Day School enlisted Gavin to conduct market research on local parents to dig into the realities of its brand perception. Our efforts helped the school achieve a complete repositioning with a unified voice, and a new approach to effective communications that resulted in increased inquiries and enrollment in just 24 months.

What We did:

  • Focus Groups/Market Research
  • Marketing and Communications Plan
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Enrollment Campaigns
  • Media Buying
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Digital marketing



Total Impressions on social
media in 24 months


Increase in enrollment
inquires in 24 months


Increase in open house
attendance in 12 months

Client Testimonial:

“Gavin Advertising has helped our team implement best practices and unique engagement opportunities for our marketing efforts, as well as offering valuable insights and recommendations for our digital approaches. These enhancements have helped us reach our goals and made us significantly more relevant in a more competitive education market. Their expertise in understanding our audience of parents, students, staff and the community continues to guide our school to success in an everchanging era of digital communication.”

Nathaniel W. Coffman, Ed.D.
Former Head of School,
York Country Day School

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