Maintaining Relevance in a Changing Market

How does a long-standing brand like Stauffer’s Biscuit Company generate interest for products that have been around for years? Dominate the media conversation with strategic brand messaging and innovative creative elements that build brand engagement with an omni-channel voice across all networks. To keep Stauffer’s at the top of the retail market both in brick and mortar and online, Gavin shifted their digital approach to a true branded content strategy across key social platforms, growing their communities online and their network of influencers at a speed they had never
experienced. Gavin manages a $250,000 national digital media effort, across social networks, display and retargeting advertising that drives content to target audiences and emerging audiences in key DMAs across the US. We produce recipes, branded content, digital advertising, product contests and campaigns by engaging audiences with relevant and timely content that motives loyalty and sales.

What We Did

  • Social Media content creation
  • PPC
  • Digital advertising
  • Multi-platform campaigns
  • E-Commerce strategy
  • Reputation Management
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Communications

Our support encompasses e-commerce strategy to
navigate the changing times of retail and wholesale
relationships, guiding them through relationships with
Walmart, Amazon and more. In addition, our team has
advised the brand through national and regional issues
management and crisis communications.


Through elevating the creative offering and intensifying the ad targeting we’ve been able to increase awareness and see sales lifts of 7%-15% in targeted areas. In addition to bottom-line increases, we’re able to see 158% increase in website traffic among the key demographic for the brand. Important geographic areas have shown message penetration, yielding an ideal 7.2 ad-to-consumer frequency of impressions.

12 Month Effort




Total Campaign Impressions


Total Interactions


Increase in Website Traffic Over Same Timeframe in Previous Year