Penn Waste

Integration that
Disrupted the Market

Penn Waste

Our team knew that to motivate audiences to change behavior they had to be engaged in a different way. We couldn’t use the expected “go green” messaging. Our solution was complete disruptive marketing through an integrated campaign comprised of digital, non-traditional, traditional and guerrilla/disruptive marketing.

The team at Gavin developed Penn Waste’s
new recycling campaign’s leading character,
Herb, based on feedback from focus groups
and rooted in the overall messaging. Herb’s
personality was crafted with witty oneliners
and even supporting characters to
add to his personal backstory.

Herb has been crucial in delivering Penn
Waste’s recycling message to south central PA.
From non-traditional, disruptive marketing
to digital marketing, Herb has taken on a
personality. He has been featured on a variety
of billboards, in several commercials, plastered
on social media and has even made a few meetand-
greet appearances in the Harrisburg, York
and Lancaster region.

How can consumers ignore
larger than life marketing
stunts? They can’t.

Penn Waste wanted to go out to events and locations with the
goal of attracting attention. The team at Gavin designed a 15-
foot kitty litter bucket and other oversized recyclables to make
Penn Waste’s message impossible to ignore.

Digital and print outreach was supported by a comprehensive
public relations campaign that enlisted local media to help
spread our message.

Encouraging consumers to recycle more is at the heart
of the Penn Waste campaign. We know that to drive
action, you need to provide tools that ease the consumer’s
decision process. To house the recycling message,
Gavin created a microsite, Here,
consumers can find information on what items
can and cannot be recycled, a downloadable
recycling flyer, and an FAQ section.

9-Month Campaign Results


Impressions in Earned Media


Increase in Website Traffic


Media Hits


Publicity Value


Increase in Social Media Engagements


Total Engagements


Increase in Cardboard
Recycling per Loose Yard


“I have worked with many advertising agencies over the past two decades, and Gavin stands head and shoulders over any in the mid-state, not only in demonstrated initiative, intelligence and creativity, but also in their ability to function as a productive and cohesive team.”

BRAD BRUBAKER – Former Director of Sales &
Marketing, Penn Waste