More Than the Vaccine

Motivating patients to get their shots and checks.
As COVID-19 continued, the PA Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC), representing more than 350 Federally Qualified Health Centers across the state, sought to respond to the declining health of their communities relating to vaccinations and the overwhelming avoidance of tending to general wellness during the pandemic.
Leveraging ongoing market research in partnership with Health Centers, Gavin gathered input from Health Center leadership and communications teams to inform the creation of an effective toolkit that could be utilized easily across the state by the more than 350 locations.
It was important for the campaign to ensure reflection of all target audiences and voices was apparent, specific to geographic influences to ensure campaign messages were received and welcomed. To achieve this, campaign visuals included senior adults, young families, and contemporary adults of every race and age group, inclusive of reflecting both urban and rural norms to ensure the campaign was received positively.

Campaign assets were crafted to be easily implemented by communications teams of all skill levels. Templates included various design assets easily adjusted to be branded by the local Health Centers, public relations tool kits, social assets with content and more.

Campaign messages focused on health being about more than the vaccine, encouraging the public to start with the vaccine and stay up on their overall wellness with local, accessible Health Centers.

The campaign, named More Than the Vaccine, leveraged hashtags and the vanity URL to drive to a centralized landing page where the public may locate a Health Center, access facts about the vaccine and learn about Health Center services.

More Than The Vaccine resulted in PACHC seeking additional campaign support and training to advance the success of their Community Health Centers, including expansion of the vaccine campaign and ongoing statewide branding campaign efforts.

To support a successful campaign launch, Gavin’s team of public relations, creatives and digital pros conducted a series of virtual trainings for the Health Centers across the state on how to implement the campaign.

Through an online portal on the PACHC website, resources were organized and updated ongoing as additional tools were added based on feedback.

The Gavin public relations team supplemented regional public relations efforts by distributing press releases, placing op-eds, conducting media outreach and coordinating media interviews at the statewide level.

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