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Kovitz, a Chicago-based independently-managed registered investment adviser (RIA) with approximately $7.6 billion in client assets, partnered with Gavin to raise its national profile through public relations to connect more high-net-worth individuals, institutions and financial professionals to sound asset management and financial advisory strategies.

Providing advisory services since 2003, the firm’s primary goal was to increase brand exposure of advisors and Kovitz offices in the Midwest and West Coast. It also wanted to elevate its four-decade-old newsletter,  The Prudent Speculator, to reach retail investors as subscribers and future Kovitz clients.

Kovitz wanted to continue building on past media successes in national business and finance outlets, as well as larger trade publications, to expand its national reach as a value-oriented wealth manager and publisher of one of the country’s most successful investment newsletters.

The wealth management firm had been growing its marketing program and content development strategies, including blogs, white papers and other market commentary, to showcase firm leaders and talk about key  financial planning and investment topics to enhance its business development efforts.

Gavin’s team of senior media relations strategists was hired to secure more quality media opportunities for firm leaders, including the editor of The Prudent Speculator and senior partners, to be quoted at a national and trade level. Kovitz also wanted support on reaching more regional media around firm news, including an office move, advisor and team accolades and industry partnerships.

Cadence of prominent placements

Our PR team went to work immediately on creating new media connections for Kovitz’s leadership team and leveraging past successes with larger business and finance outlets, such as Barron’s and MarketWatch. Gavin secured media opportunities around firm news and market commentary from the newsletter, while cultivating relationships with reporters around individual value stocks of interest to Kovitz and its clients for future coverage.

Gavin focused on a customized media strategy around targeted investment angles, while taking advantage of opportunistic trade media on the financial planning side to build a cadence of prominent placements. We developed and distributed firm news around its headquarters move in Chicago, garnered local and regional media attention around a professional golf sponsorship, and helped elevate Kovitz with its announcement as one of the top RIA firms and best places to work in Chicago.

Kovitz’s goal was consistent quality media opportunities over a year, which our team delivered and often exceeded in some months. Gavin secured a series of trade and national placements, including opportunities in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, CityWire, InvestmentNews, and MarketWatch. Our early emphasis on the newsletter’s editor, who had deep media experience over his career, led to immediate media wins for the firm and drove an increase in subscriptions for The Prudent Speculator. This coverage also has facilitated other marketing campaigns on new platforms for the firm, including Reddit.

Sustained success

Over 10 months, our PR team achieved a significant PR ROI for Kovitz:




Total impressions online and print audience


Total online and print publicity value