Investing in Workplace Safety

Gavin™ was asked to create a unique, branded internal safety campaign that would serve to engage and reinforce the critical aspect and company culture propagate by IB-Abel’s Safety and Quality Department.

 Pain Points

  • The company doesn’t have an internal marketing department
  • Representing the voice of the company to speak to and encourage safety and quality protocol
  • Lower risk/accident


Gavin worked closely with the IB-Abel’s personnel to collaborate and extract their story with the purpose of cultivating a message and visuals that were representative of the company’s style, values, and well-being initiatives.

Scope of Work

  • Visual Assets & Messaging
  • Interactive Training Modules
  • Video Production

Setting the standard for positive outcomes

The main objective for setting safety standards at a company is to minimize accidents, raise awareness and keep employees healthy. However, workplace safety can also impact a business’s KPIs. With less accidents, there are fewer occupational health costs, which mitigates less employee downtime and ultimately saves on less spread of time and resources.

  • Satisfaction with quality of training
  • Setting a safety culture – employee productivity increase and work costs decrease
  • Readiness and Performance
  • Reducing incidents and retaining employees