Educating Moms on Kids' Health in Rural Communities

Hyndman Area Health Centers (HAHC) provides accessible care to underserved populations in rural communities. Their four centers in central Pennsylvania provide essential health services for the whole family, including children.

As the rate of diabetes, hypertension and poor dental hygiene increase among children across the United States, HAHC sought to successfully raise awareness about these conditions while motivating parents to book an appointment with their healthcare provider.

Gavin discovered that parents are not always aware of how these conditions are seen in children, making education an important aspect of campaign success. This campaign used copy and creative to show parents the signs of diabetes and hypertension and encourage preventative care and wellness visits at Hyndman Area Health Centers.

Target Audience: Parents of children ages 1 – 21 living in key areas identified by HAHC. The campaign focused on increasing awareness to motivate appointment requests. Content focused upon:
  • General Wellness Checks
  • Pediatric Oral Care
  • Pediatric Diabetes
  • Pediatric Hypertension
To reach moms and influence teenagers who may make their own health decisions, digital advertising was run across multiple platforms, driving traffic to a dedicated landing page. The following platforms were utilized:
  • Google Display
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Compelling Content to Catch Mom’s Attention

Graphics and animated videos successfully drove action by moms and youth. Imagery showing various symptoms of hypertension, bad oral hygiene and diabetes attracted users to click through to the campaign landing page.



Total impressions




Landing page views


of new website visitors came from the campaign


over the Google Display healthcare industry average click-through


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