Glatfelter Insurance Company

Glatfelter Insurance Agency, and its division Glatfelter Program Managers, markets its insurance services to brokers as resellers of insurance in key business-to-business industries across the country. One challenge the insurance industry can encounter is noise: All the messages start to sound the same. So, when Glatfelter wanted to break through with a b2b marketing campaign that was unexpected, we gave them a creative strategy that would capture the attention of high-performing brokers and motivate lead inquiry. The Gavin team pulled together our creative forces over a series of brainstorming sessions to develop a standout headline that became the driving force of the campaign: Experience Broker Amplification.

We took an unlikely image for b2b marketing — a set of rock concert amplifiers and speakers — to deliver the message of high performance: A unique message that would appeal to target audiences who were the best in their industry and had a love for being a rock star in sales and service. The idea was to convey the story of how Glatfelter amplifies opportunities for brokers to experience that rock-star feeling. With all the right back up gear (tools from Glatfelter), the broker can steal the limelight.

“The ‘Experience Broker Amplification’ campaign has certainly captured the attention of our target broker audiences, and gained our employees’ buy-in. We know that the creative is connecting and driving action. You can’t deny the effectiveness of the campaign’s messaging when inquiries come in asking ‘How do I become a rock star?!’ With sales requests like that, our sales teams get excited. Gavin really delivered a disruptive campaign with standout creative that hit the nail on the head. We’re excited to see how this campaign continues to deliver outcomes.”

DeAnna HalewskiGlatfelter Insurance Group, Vice President Marketing

Drawing on our college-era Pearl Jam dreams (at least, for the older creatives on our team), we worked to create a campaign that also elicits excitement internally at Glatfelter. We knew that this was going to be a unique voice in the market and part of the campaign’s success required internal buy-in. The result was a series of collaborative creative meetings with the marketing department at Glatfelter that delivered employee motivational marketing, customer retention campaigns and lead acquisition advertising — a fully integrated message. You could say we were very happy marketers.

The lineup was a showstopper (we know — it’s just too easy to tie in these concert themes). With the creative that Gavin delivered, Glatfelter’s marketing continued to expand the efforts internally with their sales and b2b marketing departments by integrating the messaging into their MVP conferences for high-performing brokers, email marketing and more.

In taking a chance on an unexpected campaign, Glatfelter was able to break through the noise and deliver its message.