Informing Publics.

Motivating Investment.

City of York, PA

The City of York, PA was at a disadvantage with low national and regional recognition for its growing City and lack of a consistent message. Gavin was enlisted to help the City create a consistent brand, marketing materials and messaging to overcome a series of challenges while reinforcing positive market positioning. Our team worked closely with the City’s administration and economic development officials to craft communications strategies across traditional and digital platforms through Campaign Vision 2020 containing an impactful message that affirmed the City’s growth, advancement and commitment to a financially stable future.

Looking for a standout market message, while elevating its strategy to align with the future vision of the firm’s growth, Gavin conducted in-depth client interviews and a Brandstorming™ to pinpoint Domani’s unique perspective through the voice of their target clients.

Let Us Be Your GPS was uncovered as Gavin’s creative team dug into the firm’s culture, service story and selling approach. Our team built out the storyline to appeal to the core of target client’s needs and pain points by affirming key tenants in Domani’s offering.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Internal communications templates and resources
  • Brand training
  • National public relations campaign
  • Communications support
  • Localized communications plan
  • Redevelopment marketing resources for developers and investors
  • Strategic partnerships with local tourism groups and investors
  • Messaging
  • Social Media



Organic Digital Impressions Over Six Months


National and Regional Media Placements

Improved Internal Communications Resources

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