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Advanced Metrics

Advanced Metrics, a data collection and reporting software developer for health and human services, chose to work with Gavin on a digital awareness and a lead generation campaign for each target decision-makers within target counties in California affected by California CANS mandate and PSC-35. 

In order to reach healthcare influencers in the specific regions, our team developed a campaign strategy and assets for use across other campaigns for greater client ROI and consistent messaging. The objectives we focused on were to craft precise marketing messaging with creative targeting in the California market specific to features and benefits of KIDnet, while reinforcing/introducing Advanced Metrics as a thought-leader and innovator. 

The culmination of the strategy and messaging development was a 12-week digital campaign in order to increase conversion in the new market. 

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Messaging unique to California market 


Email marketing 

Video development 

Public Relations 

Google Ad management 





Text, static and video ad content 

Target demographic research 

Landing page creation 

Performance reporting 

Strategy consulting 

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13,420,080 Impressions

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