Gavin was tapped to coordinate a statewide campaign, bringing together HIV services from across several regional partners in rural and urban communities, to form one effort funded by the PA Department of Health. The goal of the DOH $1,000,000 funded statewide campaign was to increase awareness, address stigma and establish linkage to care in campaign metrics.

The overarching strategy, of the comprehensive public awareness and education campaign, was to promote health and quality of life by preventing HIV infection and reducing HIV-related illness through increased access to resources.

Through understanding target audiences concerns and fears, the Take Control HIV campaign dismantled stigma with precise messaging for each audience segment.

Take Control HIV Campaign Goals

Empower individuals who are living with HIV to seek treatment so they can live long healthy fulfilling lives.

Breakthrough stigma and educate the public on HIV, available treatment, and preventative options to stop the spread of HIV and encourage long term care.

With a unique approach, messaging celebrated diverse personalities and backgrounds to encourage a conversation without fear. Using transcultural messaging, we developed and displayed messaging in a variety of mediums to reach audiences in urban and rural markets, where access to care was most challenged.

Using geo-targeting digital strategies, connecting relevant messages with audiences based on behaviors that were known to be associated with increased risk levels, efforts included niche platforms for digital ad placement such as Grindr and Adam4Adam, and geotargeting places of interest where sexual behavior may occur. Traditional media played a key role in influencing hard to reach audiences, designed to address stigma with affirmational visuals and messages, ultimately striving to bring HIV intothe light.

Take Control HIV promoted resources and referrals to empower everyone to take control of their HIV status – no matter positive or negative.

“GAVIN has provided excellent services to our HIV ad campaign at every turn. They have been inclusive in their approach at outreach and extremely competent in their knowledge of HIV to further our message (they even went as far as to have their employees on the campaign take HIV 101 courses!). We are truly honored to have them as partners in our efforts to engage people living with HIV into medical care,”

SARA CARVAJAL Take Control HIV, FHCCP HIV Program Manager

Delivered Services

  • Research Strategy
  • Creative
  • Website
  • Video
  • Behavior Targeting
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media Buying
  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Planning and Facilitation

Influential Values

Gavin’s public relations team coordinated major events with policymakers and industry influencers to foster conversation among those who may not typically talk about HIV or AIDS. From regional and national coverage, and unique events to engage communities, public relations played an essential role in campaign success.

  • 38 Media Hits
  • National Coverage included Positively Aware Magazine and POZ.com
  • 1,715,250 Impressions in Earned Media
  • $113,770 in Publicity Value

Proof of Performance

Take Control HIV continues to be funded by PA Department of Health investments, as leaders continue to see the outcomes of precisely managed marketing messages that are proving their impact on health and wellness.

Grinder Ads CTR Increased from
0.77% to 4.81% YOY

Website sessions increased 242%:

25,835 sessions in 2020 versus 88,443 sessions in 2021

405 clinic and appointment schedules clicked

40% of consumers completed Linkage to Care Form:
A form requesting direct services from the campaign

88,450+ visits to TakeControlHIV.com

13,420,080 Impressions

135,052 Ad CTR

106,585 Event Impressions

1,046 Event Clicks