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Harsco Environmental – a leading manufacturer of industrial abrasive blasting material – wanted to introduce a new environmentally-friendly product – SureCut – to a national market. GAVIN developed an integrated communications campaign to penetrate their target audience and change preconceived thinking about their products.

The Challenge: Creating a New Legacy

Harsco’s Black Beauty is a well-known legacy product in the abrasives industry. But it isn’t considered to be great for the environment. GAVIN’s challenge was to introduce SureCut as part of the Black Beauty product line and convince users of the environmentally friendly properties of this new product. In essence, we needed to create a new legacy.
Cable Components Group

Results That Cut Through the Competition

GAVIN designed and implemented a multi-touch approach to launching SureCut. Bold visuals and a bold tagline – Cutting Through the Competition – were the core elements to the communications strategy. A series of print and digital ads on industry portals laid the foundation for the successful launch. GAVIN also created a comprehensive product website adding downloadable tech sheets, benefit sheets and demo videos to the media mix. PR strategies including press releases, blogging and organic social posts were also fully developed and implemented. The GAVIN Digital Team brought their considerable expertise in audience mapping and Google pay-per-click campaigns to the launch tactics. And campaign evaluation with ongoing adjustments and reporting helped to verify the ROI. Ten months into the campaign:

Website is reporting:

8,000+ website visits per month
1,100+ visits to the Contact page per month

Site Visits

Google Ads is reporting:

238,000+ impressions per month
1,000+ clicks per month
0.46% average CTR

Social Media Report

Linkedin is reporting:

700+ post impressions per month
55+ engagements per month
1.28% average CTR

Cable Components Group
Cable Components Group

Product Launch Competition:

  • Printed collateral materials
  • Comprehensive product website
  • Print ads for industry publications
  • Digital ads for various platforms
  • Google PPC campaign
  • Social media posts and advertising
  • Animated infographic video
  • Press releases
  • Blogging
  • Digital Media Buying
  • Reporting
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